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Programm first. 

The world is facing a deeper crisis than the 2008-10 Great Recession. A decade of near-stagnation with historically low interest rates has given way to a global surge in inflation,  threatening working class living standards and millions of poor people’s livelihoods. What can we do about it?

Why is the programme so important?

In the revolutionary Marxist tradition, the programme of a party, or a pre-party organisation, defines its strategy for achieving the goal of overthrowing the state that protects capitalist property relations and establishing a workers’ state based on democratically accountable workers’ councils. The programme, therefore, combines analysis of the existing political situation, and the lessons of the principal class struggle events that have created it, with a codification of the key objectives of ongoing class struggle and the tactics necessary to achieve them. Since the capitalist system is global, it follows that the programme must also be global in its scope but, at the same time, the class struggle is inevitably rooted within the borders of bourgeois states and, therefore, in any one of those states, the global programme must be scaled down to focus on immediate tasks within that country in the form of “action programmes”. It follows from this understanding of the revolutionary programme, that it must, from time to time, be updated to take into account key events in the class struggle and the cyclical movements of capital.

Facing the crises:
A manifesto for socialist revolution

Published in 2023,  this is current programme of our international tendency.

From the crisis of globalization
to the socialist revolution

From Resistance to Revolution

At its recent congress the League for the Fifth International passed a new programmatic manifesto. Its policies and slogans are intended to guide revolutionary socialists in the struggles to come, and to act as a proposed manifesto for a new Fifth International

From Protest to Power

The previous programme of the League for the Fifth International, published in 2003 after our sixth congress.

The Trotzkyist Manifesto

Published in 1989, this is the founding programme of our international tendency. It contains the key foundations of our programmatic method, and represented the first attempt by our organisation to re-elaborate the Transitional Programme from 1938.

Fundamentals of our programme

From Permanent Revolution issue one, a general outline of the political line that was being developed at that time, a prelude to the Trotskyist Manifesto (1989) and From Protest to Power (2003)

Key Documents

Facing the crises: A manifesto for socialist revolution

The Marxist programme is based on the principles of scientific socialism. It analyses all social and political development from the standpoint of dialectical materialism. It asserts that the class struggle is the motor force of history and it recognises the working class as the only consistently revolutionary class. However, whilst the general Marxist programme embodies the theoretical method of dialectical materialism and the strategic goals of socialism, the great programmatic contributions in the history of the Marxist movement have been focused on the practical tasks flowing from these fundamental principles.
Our complete theses on the tactics of the united front and how revolutionaries can win support and leadership within workers struggles. Adopted by the International Secretariat of the League on 8 June 1992.
What makes someone working class? How does the working class fit into capitalism? This resolution provides a political economic analysis of the working class under capitalism.