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Video: Vienna university in Occupation

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Thousands of students have occupied the University of Vienna. This video explains what the occupation is about and why the student are fighting

UPDATE: Read a full interview with league member Roman Birke here

Roman Birke, a member of the League in Austria, reported on the protests

"The causes of the protests are very diverse. Complaints about the fundamental deficiencies in the education system, as social problems that students face every day collided with concrete projects of the Ministry for Education (questions over access to higher education, re-introduction of tuition fees and so on).

The spontaneity of the protests led to a serious discussion on the structures which should be created for movement. While dominated early on by libertarian tendencies, the movement realised that in order to organise it had to vote and take decisions democratically, in order not to paralyse the movement.

Currently there are regular plenary meetings, which are the highest decision-making bodies of the movement. After some initial chaos we have now established a system, such as guided discussions, where resolutions are tabled and votes are taken. Participation in the plenary sessions often exceeded more than 2,000 students, filling the capacity of the lecture hall, the meetings themselves inspire many contributions from the students involved. Until now, however, there is no legitimate leadership, although they have emerged informal structures. A selection of such a strike committee would be an important step forward.

The strikes must spread out to workers beyond the university. There are several workers involved in struggles, kindergarten workers, printers and steel workers are all in disputes with their bosses. We need solidarity and workers struggle to win this dispute."