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Sri Lanka trade union solidarity campaign

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Over the past 12 months the League for the Fifth International has been working with a group of socialists in Sri Lanka who are organised in the Socialist party of Sri Lanka.

They are in the leadership of a strong health workers union, the Jhangara Joint Health Workers Union which organises over 2,000 workers even in the northern areas of the country affected by the war. They are also establishing a plantation workers union that is organising Tamil workers in the central areas of the country, super exploited people. These trade unions are two of only five in the whole country that has a policy of opposing the war against the Tamils.

We are launching a campaign, the Sri Lanka Trade Union solidarity campaign, which aims to raise money for the trade union work of the Socialist Party of Sri Lanka to build a strong union movement which campaigns not only for workers rights but also against the war that is destroying the country.

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Sri Lanka Trade Union solidarity

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