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Solidarity Statement

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In solidarity with all those facing repression in Greece, we reproduce here a statement from OKDE-Spartakos:

On July 15, thousands of demonstrators gathered in Syntagma Square in Athens to oppose the austerity measures imposed on the people of Greece. At the same time, the majority of Syriza deputies and the right-wing pro-austerity parties like New Democracy and To Potami, where approving the "Agreement" imposed by the EU.
The police responded with repression and tear gas and carried out arrests in order to quell the demonstrations taking place outside Parliament. Several demonstrators were indicted and sent to trial. Among them, there was two militants of OKDE-Spartakos, members of the Anti-capitalist Left Coalition ANTARSYA.

On the 28th of July the Trial of the 7 arrested was already brought to an end, based on very dubious allegations and fake Police evidence. Only four of the seven defendants were judged not-guilty, while the remaining three were sentenced with unprecedented cruelty, without attenuating for any of the three and the maximum period of probation, which is three years. Among those who acquitted is OKDE Spartakos comrade Michalis Goudoumas, secretary of the workers Union in bookshops in Athens, who was arrested in his attempt to protect his colleagues from the attacks of the riot Police.

This incident Shows the true character of the peoples front Regime established in Athens and the disgusting debth of the 1914-like crossing of lines of the "left" government.

We call on the international left to Rally for the immediate relief of all the J15-arrested!

Join the solidarity campaign of OKDE Spartakos: