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Socialist Party of Sri Lanka holds successful conference

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On the 8th and 9th of March at the New Library Hall in Colombo the SPSL held a successful conference with comrades from across the country participating.

In all 42 delegates attended, with many worker delegates from hospitals, including some from the north of the country where the civil war wages, and also our estate workers. We also had a representative from the League for the Fifth International who participated in our conference as our two organizations carry on discussions with a view to the Socialist Party joining the League as a section. This was the second conference since the split with the CWI section, the United Socialist Party, since that time we have strengthened our organisation, recruited new members and established our newspaper Asani ("Storm".)

The comrades had discussions about the coming crisis and the inability of the bourgeoisie to solve the problems of the country. In this situation building a strong left movement in Sri Lanka to face the crisis is very important. The present government is moving towards a dictatorship supported by the chauvinist forces to suppress the Tamil speaking people, their declaration of war in January is part of the reactionary drive to defeat the Tamil resistance.

The solution to the crisis is to unite the working class unions and to begin the struggle to launch mass action up to a general strike to overthrow the government.

In 2008 we will continue our work with the League. We will have comrade from the Executive Committee of the SPSL at the International Executive Committee meeting in Berlin in March to conduct further political discussions. In Sri Lanka we are working to build the Socialist Plantation Estate workers union, to strengthen the health workers union and also carry out work in the teachers union. Our younger comrades will work to build a youth organisation in Sri Lanka as part of Revolution, and we hope in the near future to be able to build a working class women's' organisation. We aim to collect funds for a Tamil language newspaper that we can use to work amongst the oppressed Tamil people and win them to the fight for socialism.