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Russian language bulletin of the League

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The League for the Fifth international has entered into collaboration with a Russian language Trotskyist bulletin called Movement Towards Socialism.

The website can be found here

For socialists it is especially important to be able to reach workers and youth in the former heartland of the world revolution, the country which first saw a successful working class revolution in 1917 led by the Bolshevik revolutionaries Lenin and Trotsky.

Despite the terrible legacy of Stalinism and the decades of dictatorship over the people that went under the name of communism, it is our commitment to fight for a revolutionary party in Russia as part of a revolutionary Fifth International. We repeat that it was not Communism that collapsed in Russia after 1989, but Stalinist dictatorship.

Our collaboration with the Movement Towards Socialism bulletin represents another important step forward for the League, one of many in recent years, and allow an even wider audience to access our ideas and join the fight for a Fifth International. If you would like to support our work and help us secure support from new parts of the world then please contribute using the paypal account on the home page of the League website.

For the Fifth International - a new world party of socialist revolution!

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