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Protests in Colombo to defend the Tamils

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Demonstrations were held in Colombo earlier in September to protest the attacks on Media freedom by the Rajapakse government.

ImageThe media has been under the political domination of the Sri Lankan government through out the war against the Tamils. There was very little critical analysis of the conflict or anything that seriously challenged government policy.

Some brave editors whose papers were critical of the government's killing of Tamils found themselves targetted by death squads, with several editors killed in recent years.

The newly launched broad front for the defence of the Tamils has organised a series of protests across the country. Members of the section of the League for the Fifth International in Sri Lanka (called the Socialist Party of Sri Lanka) were present at a protest at Colombo's main railway station. Other organistions involved including various Tamil rights groups and the NSSP, the section of the Fourth International.


The main slogans of the protest were:
Abolish the PTA (terrorism act)
Resettle all internally displaced people
Against price increases of goods
Protect media freedom, no attacks on democratic rights
Release Tissainayagam