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Protest against the assassination of Honduran Teachers Union leader

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• Condemn the President of Honduras Porfiro Lobo as a murderer!

• An urgent international solidarity campaign against assasinations in Honduras is needed!

We received with deep sorrow the following press statement from our comrades of the Socialist Party of Central America (PSOCA) and spurred by their enormous courage, we send the urgent request to all unions and political organizations of the world’s workers to unite our voices in a global campaign to condemn the new and illegitimate government of Honduras, the puppet of U.S. imperialism, for the cowardly assassination of union leader, fighter and PSOCA founder Jose Manuel Flores Arguijo.

Punish the murderers and those who masterminded it. Justice!

We refuse to recognize the murdererous government of Porfirio Lobo who became president of Honduras against the will of the people and the Honduran workers, thanks to an electoral fraud by the military and the protection of the Obama Administration .

All messages of solidarity should be addressed to , or to, where we are initially co-ordinating an international solidarity campaign


“We demand those guilty of this crime be punished!"

Today at 4.15 pm on 23 March 2010, in the Instituto San José del Pedregal, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, our comrade José Manuel Flores Arguijo was murdered. He was the recognized union leader of the teachers, a founding member of the Socialist Party Central (PSOC), a member of the editorial council of the monthly journal THE CENTRAL AMERICAN SOCIALIST and also a delegate to the Central American Secretariat (SECA) of PSOC.

Three masked men treacherously shot him while he was doing his work as the faculty advisor of the Instituto San José del Pedregal. In 1999 José Manuel Flores Arguijo became legal representative of the Central Board of Direction College Media Education Teachers in Honduras (COPEMH), the most important teachers union in the country. He was well known in the teachers' union and amongst the Honduran left.

His cowardly murder is part of a campaign of crimes targeted against union leaders and Popular groupings in the National Front of Resistance against the Coup. The wave of violence and social breakdown of capitalism in Honduras is used as a smokescreen by the dark forces of the counterrevolution to mow down well known and respected leaders of the trade unions and the left.

The murder of Comrade Jose Manuel Flores Arguijo is part of the campaign of terror by the illegitimate government of Porfirio Lobo, to attack the most important achievement of Honduran teachers, the Teachers' Statute, and also attack the university workers, grouped in SITRAUNAH ADEUNAH, struggling against the crisis in the university, for better pay and working conditions..

They have claimed the life of our comrade José Manuel Flores Arguijo but these murderers will not intimidate us. We maintain a firm and unyielding commitment to the fight for a workers, socialist reunification of our Central American homeland, and this cowardly murder, much as it wounds us, obliges us to go forward following his example and tenacity.

The American Socialist Party (PSOC) expressed its condolences to his family, wife and children, and calls on trade unions and the left in Honduras , in Central and Latin America and around the world to condemn such targeted assassinations, to demand from the government of Porfirio Lobo the investigation and punishment of those responsible for this murder and all the others that have taken place over the recent period,

We call on all parties and organizations of the left to express their repudiation of this murder to the illegitimate President Porfirio Lobo, demanding clarification of the facts and the punishment of the guilty.

With pain that tears our hearts, we cry out:

Comrade José Manuel Flores Arguijo hasta la reunificación socialista de Centroamérica, siempre!!!(Ever onwards towards the socialist reunification of Central America!)


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