National Sections of the L5I:

Progress on three continents for the League

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Simon Hardy reports on the latest developments in the League for the Fifth International, including a new sympathising section in the USA

History does not move at a uniform pace. The events of the last year prove that, as Lenin said, there can be sudden periods of acceleration. The development of our international organisation seems to proceed along similar lines. We are pleased to report exciting developments:

• A split from the Committee for a Workers International in Sri Lanka contacted us in 2007 and have since completed a period of programmatic discussion to become a full section of the League. Their work in the Health workers union, amongst plantation workers and in the civil service unions, as well as their veteran experience of the Sri Lankan class struggle and the anti war movements, are an invaluable contribution to the collective experience of the organisation as a whole.
• In Pakistan we have achieved a remarkable breakthrough. From a few contacts we now have a strong section of the League publishing a monthly newspaper and participating in the economic, democratic and political struggles that continue to erupt in one the world's most unstable countries. The group is now a strong section of the League who will be key to further growth in other parts of south Asia.

• Now we also have been joined by comrades in the USA who have founded a sympathising group of the League. Workers Power USA is a new organisation, composed of workers, youth and immigrants, in different parts of the country who are working together towards establishing a full section of the League.

Our European sections are attracting new forces, especially, but not solely amongst young people.
• In Austria we have recently played a central role in organising school student strikes against attacks on the education system by the social democratic government.
• Similarly in Germany we have been directly involved in helping to organise struggles of school students and built successful protest marches. In addition we have played an important role in mobilising support for the Mahle workers in Alzenau against closures and mass redundancies.
• Our comrades in Sweden have been involved in anti racist and anti fascist work, helping to fight back against the dangerous growth of the far right.
• In the Czech republic we have fought to keep the banner of genuine socialism alive in the face of anti communism and the terrible legacy of Stalinism. We have participated actively in the upturn in workers' struggles as the crisis has hit.
• In Britain, Workers Power has built solidarity around key disputes, schools in Glasgow facing closure, the Visteon factory occupations, and continues to focus its energies on the struggles of the working class against the cuts and redundancies. We have begun to see the fruits of our principled line in opposition to the British jobs for British workers slogans and against the No2EU electoral project. Recruitment to Workers Power has increased impressively over the last year and we are working towards the building of new branches in Glasgow, Oxford, Sheffield and Coventry.

We move towards our Congress in 2010 a stronger organisation, fighting on three continents, with sections in crucial countries like Pakistan and Sri Lanka, suffering under the double blows of war and economic crisis.

It is not an accident that we can record these successes in this time, as increasing numbers of people across the world look for a radical solutions to the global economic crisis, the fight to build a new world party of socialist revolution comes to the fore.

The Fifth International must be built in the struggles of the workers, youth and peasants across the world, as a truly internationalist and revolutionary force. If you are looking for a way to fight back then join us today. If you want to help then please donate to our political work to ensure that the coming struggles will be led by the Fifth International.