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The politics of the SWP - a Trotskyist critique

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The Socialist Workers Party (SWP) has a fair claim to be the largest far left organisation in Britain. It has fraternal organisations in another dozen countries. Its publications are read and respected by thousands beyond its ranks. But how exactly should we define its politics? Its founding members originated in a split from Trotsky’s Fourth International yet today the SWP claims allegiance to Trotskyism and Leninism.

This workers power pamphlet shows that far from standing in this tradition the key tenets of the SWP’s politics represent a fundamental break with Trotskyism: on party building, on the analysis of the USSR and Eastern Europe, on the revolutionary programme amd on the relationship between the revolutionary vanguard and the working class.

This Trotskyist critique of the SWP’s politics shows how, far from being irrelevant or purley theoretical, the SWP’s departure from revolutionary Marxism leads to systematic opportunism in practice.