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A new section of Revolution has been founded in Nepal

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Revolution, the socialist youth organisation in political solidarity with the League for the Fifth International has established a new section in Nepal

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. Its infrastructure is under developed at best and, in many places, almost non existent. Many peasants are still tied to their land, and there is endemic poverty. Around 30 per cent of the population live on less than US $1 a day and many thousands of people are still internally displaced by the civil war.

In a country like Nepal the political struggle is at centre stage. The Maoist parties, which are strong in Nepal, took power a few years ago, but ended up bringing about the return of an openly pro-capitalist coalition government. This demonstrated the weaknesses of the Maoists’ politics, their commitment to trying to develop Nepal as a democracy while maintaining a capitalist economy. Now, the Maoists are in opposition, organising general strikes in the city to try to weaken the political base of the government.

But the central task of socialists in Nepal is to combine the struggle for democratic government with the struggle of the working class and peasants for their own control over the economy. In 2006, the Nepali working class, through its Maoist-led general strikes, brought the CPN (M) of Prachandra to power. This proved that the working class could fight and defeat the capitalist class. What was lacking was a political leadership committed to using that strength to take power into the hands of the workers’ own organisations. This is Trotsky's strategy of permanent revolution, and this is the central message that Revolution Nepal will be fighting for.

At its founding meeting the group passed a statement, and discussed a plan of action for the next few months.

Rajesh, a member of Revolution Nepal said "We hope to achieve socialism in Nepal. We don't believe that it can be achieved here or anywhere by peaceful means. So we want to fight in a revolutionary way, and the situation is very favourable for this."

“We have enough strength to smash the power and show that communism is the ultimate solution, for all the problems of Nepal and the world. We want to highlight the nature of the 'imperialist' and 'capitalist' countries, their real character, and that what they do and what they say are totally different."

The other sections of Revolution will work alongside our new comrades in Nepal, supported by the League for the Fifth International, to bring Trotskyism to the workers and peasants who want a revolutionary solution to the horrors of capitalism and imperialism in their country.

Founding statement