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New book published: Documents of the League for the Fifth International

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New publication from the League for the Fifth International
Theses and Resolutions on Reformism, Communist Organisation, and Tactics in the Working Class
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The League has published a new collection of our theses and resolutions covering the question of reformism, how revolutionaries organise themselves and their tactics in the workers movement. Alongside previously published resolutions we include here, for the first time, two new resolutions - one on the character of the working class and the nature of trade unions under capitalism.

This excellent collection is a useful introduction to the politics and method of revolutionary communism.

At a time when the Left is debating crucial questions of strategy, broad-Left parties and rank and file movements in the trade unions - socialists need to be armed with the answers and ideas to go forward.

Includes: Theses on Reformism and the Workers Movement (1983), 30 Theses in Defence of Trotskyism (1992), Early Stages of Party Building, Theses on Communist Organisation, Communists and Trade Unions, Character of the Working Class, Theses on the United Front, Theses on Electoral Tactics.

A5 format, 208pp, paper back Price is £7 in the shops but only £6 for Workers Power and Fifth International journal subscribers, or anyone buying through our website.

Available to buy now from the shop