National Sections of the L5I:

Indefinite strike begins in Nepal against the government

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The Maoists in Nepal have called an indefinite general strike against the government and taken to the streets. Thousands of their members have come to Kathmandu, demonstrations and protests are taking place across the capital. This is the text of the leaflet that League supporters and members of Revolution the socialist youth group are distributing over the next few days.

The 1st of May is the day of class struggle for the international youth, working class and peasants. It is the day of struggle against exploitation and slavery, against oppression, against the destruction of our planet and against capitalism.

Many workers and young people across the world will be looking at Nepal and what is happening here. The indefinite general strike which has been launched is a powerful weapon in the hands of the working class and the oppressed. It is aimed at bringing down the government. They have no ambitions on enforcing a redistribution of land, of homes and of the industries. This would be the beginning of wealth for all those, who are now having nothing, who are hungry, who are living on the streets and who were waiting for this liberation for so long.

As part of the general strike movement socialist revolutionaries must fight for:
Land to the peasants!
Nationalise industry under workers control, expel foreign capitalists and expropriate their property
Take over the banks and form one single state bank
Seize the money of the rich
Disband the army and police, create a popular militia
Establish a workers and peasants government

The working class and peasants can bring the government down, this is clear. But what should replace it? The government that was headed by Prachanda failed because it did not take action against the capitalists and the military. We must learn from the Russian Revolution of October 1917 – a workers and peasants government must expropriate the capitalists, arrest the army officers and police chiefs, give the land to the peasants.

The government threatens to use force against us – we must win the rank and file soldiers from the army for the revolution. Soldiers do not fire on your brothers and sisters! Join us and join the fight for socialism in Nepal!

Nepal needs a revolution – one which gives power not to a government of politicians but to assemblies of workers and peasants. This would be a genuine socialist government, one that could begin to end poverty and exploitation in Nepal. Such a government would act as a revolutionary guide for millions of poor people across South Asia to also take power.

What to do?
To achieve the goal of socialism, we need to build a revolutionary party which can take power and end capitalism now. Such a party would be organized according to Lenin's principles of democratic centralism: a leadership, which has full power in action, but is fully responsible for their membership. This leadership must consist of the most experienced comrades of the movement, of those, who are determined to go forward the way to socialism.

Its programme would fight for socialism now, to take Nepal out of feudalism and primitive capitalism and towards a socialist economy. If we do not have such a perspective then we in fact give power to the capitalists and the imperialists who wish to exploit us as wage slaves. Nepal does not need democratic-capitalism, such a thing is impossible in our country. We end feudalism and capitalism now by taking power into the hands of the workers and peasants.

Who are Revolution?
We are a group of young people who are building a communist youth organisation. We are part of the international youth organisation REVOLUTION. We are in sympathy with the League for the Fifth International, an organisation, which is fighting for the formation of a new international communist party – a party of all the oppressed classes on all the continents, in every country.

Our Goal is international socialism!

Internationalism is one of the most important Marxist principles! One socialist country cannot persist in an imperialist world. The imperialists will mobilize all their armies they have in order to smash this country, which challenges the imperialist world system! On the other hand, no national revolutionary movement will be able to achieve socialism in their own country. For the international working class being an international one, it needs an international organisation to develop a consistent and clear revolutionary consciousness.

Forward to the Fifth International
Forward to a revolutionary youth international!
For world revolution
For socialism in Nepal as part of a socialist federation of South Asia