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First issue of Workers Power in Chinese

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In collaboration with Chinese socialists, the League has produced the first issue of Workers Power in Chinese. Available as a PDF for download, it contains articles on the need for a revolutionary party, a summary of the politics of the League and also our article on Chavez' call for the Fifth International.

The League for the Fifth International supports the building of a revolutionary party in China to fight for genuine working class power. With the reintroduction of capitalism after 1992, China has grown to become a regional power with global ambitions. The Chinese working class is one of the most productive in the world, with a large heavily industrialised workforce, living almost side by side with many millions of peasants still tied to the land. The Stalinist Chinese Communist Party rules the country in a dictatorship, which tries to hold the working class in a vice like grip.

Yet every year the number of "disturbances" by workers and youth grows, and more workers protests are being reported as the Chinese working class grows more militant. It is to these fighters against oppression and capitalism that this magazine is aimed, and we intend to produce more issues, with a mix of news, analysis and historical arguments

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