National Sections of the L5I:

Documents from the split in the League for the Fifth International

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An outline of the evidence that reveals how the International Minority Faction planned to split the League

In the last few days the International Secretariat received leaked documents from the International Faction E-group. Read more...

Party Building and the Opposition

In part one of this document we examined how the Opposition misrepresent our perspectives; we showed that the League does not hold to a ‘catastrophist’ view that capitalism is on the verge of economic and political collapse. We corrected their view that we are downplaying obstacles and only stressing positive developments in the class struggle. And we showed that our fight for a new International in the ESF, the WSF and global forums of resistance is not counterposed to the search for political co-thinkers, but is a critical element of it. Read more...

The Platform of the Opposition


1. At the March 2005 conference of Workers Power Britain the majority voted for a set of entirely wrong perspectives. The majority was small and the organisation was, effectively, split down the middle. The majority was led primarily by comrades from the International Secretariat (either still on that body or having served recently on that body). This majority, in the run up to the March conference, had organised itself as a tendency and conducted a fight to defeat the positions of the former National Committee majority of WPB. The documents of this debate are available in the WPB Internal Bulletins. They are the starting points for understanding why we are now launching a renewed tendency struggle on the basis of a new document. We fully accept that many of the examples in this tendency document are “British-centred” so to speak. This is because of the origins of the struggle in Britain. However, we are convinced that the problem is an international one and we are sure that other sections will have examples of how the wrong perspectives of the International Secretariat have manifested themselves in other countries besides Britain. Read more...

On Slogans and Tactics

A Reply to Bill’s critique of our tactics

In his latest criticism of the perspectives of the organisation, Why the Opposition is not a Problem, Bill J argues that events since the last conference of Workers Power in February prove that the perspectives and tasks adopted by the conference are flawed. Read more...

The mass, rate and Marxist rate of profit

During the recent debate on the world economy much has been made of bourgeois statistics in understanding the development of the capitalist economy. Certainly, such statistics are necessary in developing a rounded analysis but an uncritical acceptance of them inevitably leads Marxists into errors. Read more...

Perspectives and Programme


• Introduction
• Are the League’s economic perspectives catastrophist?
• Are the League’s political perspectives catastrophist?
• What do we mean by a pre-revolutionary period?
• Epochs, Periods, Situations.
• Should we agitate for the Fifth International in the anticapitalist movement? Read more...