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The MAS, the Izquierda Unida and the Argentine elections

In the recent Argentine parliamentary elections, Luis Zamora, a leading member of the Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS — “Movement Towards Socialism”), was elected a deputy. One other MAS member was elected a local deputy for the Buenos Aires region. The press of the International Workers League (LIT), founded by the late Nahuel Moreno is loud in its praise for the “success” of its Argentinian section: the “first Trotskyist MP” its members have boasted. Read more...

Militant's peaceful parliamentary road

“We have proclaimed hundreds, if not thousands of times that we believe that, armed with a clear programme and perspective, the labour movement in Britain could effect a peaceful socialist transformation.” Peter Taaffe, editor of the Militant

“The supersession of the bourgeois state by the proletarian state is impossible without a violent revolution.” V I Lenin Read more...

The Open Conference project: a balance sheet

Statement of the MRCI International Secretariat, May 1988

Barbaric Trotskyism: a history of Morenoism - Part 1

Part two is online here

Morenoism - Part one; 1941–1978

“I believe that we have made many more mistakes than Trotsky or the Bolsheviks. When I say that ours has been a barbaric Trotskyism it is because I believe it to be the harsh truth and I am not being demagogic.”1

It is little more than a decade since Nahuel Moreno’s Argentinian party (then the PST) declared itself to be “the largest Trotskyist party in the world”. Despite the possible objections to this claim we must accept that the International Workers League (LIT), built around that party, is numerically the largest international “Fourthist” organisation to arise in the semi-colonial world and is the group which has the greatest majority of militants in Latin America. Nowadays the Morenoites maintain that they, along with the Mandelites, are the only two truly international organisations in the “world Trotskyist movement”. In this article we propose to analyse the history and the programmatic ideas of Morenoism from its origin through to the late 1970s. Read more...

David North: The Heritage we renounce

A review of a new history of the Fourth International

The heritage we defend: A contribution to the history of the Fourth International by David North, Labor Publications, Detroit, 539 pp $12.95

Any book that claims to be “a critical Marxist history of the Fourth International” should be worth reading. The only other two books available in English which make a similar claim are The Death Agony of the Fourth International (Workers Power/Irish Workers Group 1983) and Pierre Frank’s The Fourth International (Inklinks 1972). In the event only the Death Agony lives up to its claims. North’s book, like Pierre Frank’s, has more in common with the publications of the Catholic Truth Society—riddled with chop logic, exhortations to the worshippers to keep their faith and a disdainful attitude to the facts of history. Read more...

SWP: wrong positions on Iran and Iraq

‘The war is no longer just a conflict between two ruling classes fighting for domination of the region . . . The war now is one in which Iran faces the world’s mightiest imperial power (the USA—WP) and its European and Arab allies. Under these circumstances socialists are not neutral... We are with the Iranians—for the defeat of the whole coalition of forces, including Iraq, that is ranged against them.’
(Socialist Worker Review December 1987).

What is centrism?

Republished from Trotskyist Discussion Bulletin, No 1, 1986. This article was a contribution to the debate on the British left after the implosion of Gerry Healy's Workers Revolutionary Party Read more...

Opportunists and sectarians on Iran

From Workers Power issue 4 by Dave Stockton - an analysis of the positions of the IMG (Fourth International) and the Sparticist league on the Iranian revolution Read more...