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[anti] capitalism pamphlet

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The League was involved in the very earliest Anti capitalist protests, including the J18 demonstration in London in 1999. We argued that the anti capitalist movement and the workers movement should come together to build a stronger force with a clear revolutionary action programme to really challange the power of the bosses and the imperialists. The movements failure to do this, the withdrawal of sections of it from militant struggle in the face of massive state repression, and the reactionary backlash caused by the 9/11 bombings meant that the anti capitalist movement went into a temporary decline, being replaced by a mass anti war movement that marched around the world in 2003. The contents of this pamphlet have been largely updated in the special Anti Capitalism issue of the Fifth International Journal, available from this website and the online shop. But it is here on this website as a still useful analysis of the politics of the reformists, anarchists, libetarians and other forces that were involved in the anti capitalist movement.