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Australian Aborigines fight racist attacks on land rights

A new land law proposes the Aboriginal people must demonstrate an “unbroken physical connection” with the land to be able to claim title to it. As Lloyd Cox shows the recent racist hysteria about native title is in “unbroken physical” with two centuries of attempted genocide of the Aboriginal people and their resistance to it. Read more...

Parliament stormed as austerity budget hits workers, students and Aboriginals

On 19 August the Australian Congress of Trade Unions (ACTU) called a demonstration outside Parliament in the federal capital Canberra to protest at the new government’s massive budget cuts and proposed new anti-trade unions laws. What the bureaucrats planned was a routine speechfest but the demonstrators had other ideas. Comrades from Workers Power (Australia) were there. Peter Main explores the background to the current attacks and the prospects for a strong working class response. Read more...

Australian Labor: Thirteen years of social con-trick

For a decade and a half, neo-liberal economic programmes have dominated the global scene within the leading club of capitalist nations. Market deregulation, minimal state intervention and cuts in social expenditure have been the norm.

Much the same has happened in Australia. But as in France until 1993, this has occurred for over a decade under a “socialist” government. Since 1983, the governing party has been the Labor Party (ALP) which has a mass base in the working class. Federal elections in the first half of 1996 will decide whether Labor renews its mandate. These elections impose upon revolutionaries the duty to develop a clear analysis of Labor’s years in power together with an electoral tactic that assists the job of breaking workers from their reformist illusions in Labor. Read more...