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Anti-austerty protests topple Prime Minister

JANUARY saw days of mass militant action against the government, as thousands of people took to the streets across Romania to protest against austerity and corruption. Read more...

1989: The Romanian Revolution and the fall of Ceausescu

In December 1989, a revolution swept the hated regime of Nicolae Ceausescu from power. This resolution, written days after these events, explained what happened and what steps the working class had to take next to move towards socialism. Although capitalism was eventually restored in Romania, the revolutionary activity of the working class and youth showed the real potential for socialism to emerge after the downfall of Ceausescu Read more...

Revolution in Romania

Resolution adopted by the International Secretariat of the LRCI, 29 December 1989

Eastern Europe’s most repressive regime has fallen. Its most hated Stalinist dictator is dead. But the Romanian revolution is not over, as the bourgeois rulers of the west would like to believe. Only its first phase is at an end. The most important tasks lie ahead. Read more...