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French troops out of Mali, down with French colonialism!

In a declaration in June 2021, President Macron announced the end of France's Operation Barkhane in Mali. Read more...

Mali: Mass protests and coup

The coup in Bamako on 18 August drew attention to a mass movement that had previously received little attention. Read more...

Bamako - two forums collide

The first of the polycentric WSFs took place in Bamako, capital of Mali, from 19th to 23rd January. Estimates vary at between ten and twenty thousand attending.

Reports, in the French weekly Rouge, suggest there was a sharp contrast between the stars of the “international social movements” - the academics, NGO fulltimers, and politicians, both Malian and French - and the representatives of the often semi-clandestine trade unions, peasant organisations, youth and women’s movements, and ethnic minority rights groups. Read more...