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Who are the Fifth Internationalists?


The League for the Fifth International is a revolutionary organisation. Our goal is to build a world party of socialist revolution, fighting across the world for an end to capitalism and for socialism. We base our programme – From Protest to Power – and our day to day policies on the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky, on the revolutionary documents of the first four congresses of the Third International and the Transitional Programme of the Fourth International published in 1938.

The working class has had four previous working class international parties. We are not the Fifth International – we are an international revolutionary tendency of groups fighting for it. The struggle against capitalism is an international struggle, as Marx wrote in 1848, the working class has no country. The fight against capitalism must be an international one, uniting socialists across the world in resistance to the system.

The League has sections in Austria, Brazil, Britain, Germany, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sweden and the USA. We have supporters in many other countries across the world. In Europe we campaign within the trade unions and social movements, uniting young people and workers across the continent. In Sri Lanka our comrades lead trade unions and have a long history of supporting the Tamils against the chauvinist government. In Pakistan our section was born in the pro democracy movement against dictatorship and now actively opposes the war on terror and supports trade union struggles against the endemic poverty.

We stand for working class independence and consistent revolutionary politics. Within the social movements which have emerged against capitalism, war and poverty the League for the Fifth International has argued for a clear socialist perspective. We support all progressive steps forward for the working class and oppressed people in their fight against capitalism and imperialism.

We work alongside REVOLUTION, the socialist youth movement, who organise young people in countries as diverse as the US and Nepal against capitalism.

If you are interested in joining the League please read our international programme From Resistance to Revolution (2010)

If you agree with what you are reading then you should join the League here


New book published: Documents of the League for the Fifth International

New publication from the League for the Fifth International
Theses and Resolutions on Reformism, Communist Organisation, and Tactics in the Working Class
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Website of Workers Power US launched

Workers Power US, a sympathising section of the League for the Fifth International, has launched its first website at Read more...

Statement between the League and a group of Afghan socialists

The world is gripped by an economic crisis that threatens billions with even greater misery under the capitalist system. Read more...

Progress on three continents for the League

Simon Hardy reports on the latest developments in the League for the Fifth International, including a new sympathising section in the USA Read more...

Socialist Party of Sri Lanka holds successful conference

On the 8th and 9th of March at the New Library Hall in Colombo the SPSL held a successful conference with comrades from across the country participating. Read more...

A step towards revolutionary unity

The first political party to be founded in the British colony of Ceylon, in 1935, was a workers’ party, the Lanka Sama Samaja Party or Ceylon Equal Society Party (LSSP). The first Communist (Stalinist) Party on the island originated from a minority split in the LSSP in 1940. During the Second World War the LSSP itself split with a section of it – the Bolshevik Samasamaja Party – rallying to the Fourth International. Re-unification of the BSP and the LSSP in 1950 saw the latter become a section of the Fourth International. Read more...

Pakistan: founding meeting of the RSM

A founding meeting of the Revolutionary Socialist Movement was held in Lahore on Tuesday 29th May. Around 35 people attended to discuss the crisis of the state, the lawyer’s movement and working class. In attendance were 15 lawyers, 4 teachers who are fighting against privatisation and 16 other mostly student or youth. A comrade from the RSM introduced on the lawyers movement and how it is growing and the current situation with the different sections of the working class joining the movement. He presented a critique not only of the bourgeois parties, but the limitation of lawyers leadership. He argued that the demands for an independent judiciary against a military dictatorship is progressive but we should have no illusions in the judiciary because it is a part of capitalist system and can therefore never be truly independent off the ruling class as a whole. He made clear the problems of the capitalist system and the misery that it causes the workers and poor in Pakistan, therefore the fight cannot just be against General Musharraf, but also for a struggle to end capitalism and the beginning of world socialist revolution. Read more...

International Perspectives

The Seventh Congress of the League for the Fifth International discussed, amended and adopted these perspectives in July 2006. Every congress of the League, which is attended by delegates from all our sections as well as observers and supporters, attempts to analyse the current global situation, both economically and politically, in order to draw up a set of perspectives, a document detailing how the L5I sees the world developing.
The perpectives help guide our members and supporters in explaining and understanding what is happening under globalisation, the war on terror and the crisis of social democracy. Read more...

A split in the League for the Fifth International

A split has occurred in the League for the Fifth International. A minority of members – most of them members of the British Section - have been expelled for secretly drawing up detailed plans to split the League on the eve of its seventh congress, due before the end of July. Read more...