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Who are the Fifth Internationalists?


The League for the Fifth International is a revolutionary organisation. Our goal is to build a world party of socialist revolution, fighting across the world for an end to capitalism and for socialism. We base our programme – From Protest to Power – and our day to day policies on the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky, on the revolutionary documents of the first four congresses of the Third International and the Transitional Programme of the Fourth International published in 1938.

The working class has had four previous working class international parties. We are not the Fifth International – we are an international revolutionary tendency of groups fighting for it. The struggle against capitalism is an international struggle, as Marx wrote in 1848, the working class has no country. The fight against capitalism must be an international one, uniting socialists across the world in resistance to the system.

The League has sections in Austria, Brazil, Britain, Germany, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sweden and the USA. We have supporters in many other countries across the world. In Europe we campaign within the trade unions and social movements, uniting young people and workers across the continent. In Sri Lanka our comrades lead trade unions and have a long history of supporting the Tamils against the chauvinist government. In Pakistan our section was born in the pro democracy movement against dictatorship and now actively opposes the war on terror and supports trade union struggles against the endemic poverty.

We stand for working class independence and consistent revolutionary politics. Within the social movements which have emerged against capitalism, war and poverty the League for the Fifth International has argued for a clear socialist perspective. We support all progressive steps forward for the working class and oppressed people in their fight against capitalism and imperialism.

We work alongside REVOLUTION, the socialist youth movement, who organise young people in countries as diverse as the US and Nepal against capitalism.

If you are interested in joining the League please read our international programme From Resistance to Revolution (2010)

If you agree with what you are reading then you should join the League here


From Resistance to Revolution - Manifesto for a Fifth International

At its recent congress the League for the Fifth International passed a new programmatic manifesto. Its policies and slogans are intended to guide revolutionary socialists in the struggles to come, and to act as a proposed manifesto for a new Fifth International Spanish/Espanol Read more...

An historic crisis of the system as a whole – on the meaning of our analysis

At the eighth congress of the League delegates debated our position on the pre-revolutionary period which we had adopted at previous international meetings. Congress adopted the following resolution which criticised the method we had used to distinguish periods and changed the position adopted in our perspectives. Read more...

Eighth congress of the League for the Fifth International a great success

Delegates from the sections of the League for the Fifth international gathered in Turkey in June to discuss the international work of our organisation and adopt the documents and resolutions that will guide our work over the coming years. Read more...

Sri Lanka demonstration in defence of the Tamils

Vavuniya, May 24, Supporters of the Left Liberation Front, including the Socialist Party of Sri Lanka, are joined by relatives of the disappeared in a protest against government refusal to release even the names of the thousands of Tamils it still holds. Read more...

May Day 2010 in Europe

Statement of the League for the Fifth International

Don’t Pay for their Crisis
No to all the Capitalist Austerity Plans

Anticapitalist-Workers Power standing in British General Election

Jeremy DrinkallAnticapitalist - Workers Power candidate in South London fighting for defence of public services and for a new party Read more...

Un manifiesto programático para una Quinta Internacional

De la resistencia a la revolución

Un manifiesto programático para una Quinta Internacional

Draft Manifesto of the League 2010

This draft manifesto is part of the ongoing discussion in the League as part of our plan to update our programme. Our last programme From Protest to Power was adopted in 2003 and needs to be renewed to reflect the current events taking place in the world today.

We also intend to propose this manifesto as the political basis for any Fifth International that is founded.

We welcome comments, criticisms and ideas from socialists and revolutionaries across the world - please email Read more...

Seize the day! Cochabamba conference is an historic opportunity for our movement

Statement of the League for the Fifth International on the day that the Cochabamba conference on climate change has opened

• No more Copenhagens – build a mass movement to force the great powers to cut their emissions

• Workers, peasants and indigenous peoples – let’s link the fight against the crisis to the battle to save our environment

• Capitalism is to blame – we need socialist planning not market anarchy with its spiralling pollution and inequality Read more...