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Israel celebrates Trump’s ‘present’ with another massacre

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Israel has celebrated the opening of Donald Trump’s Embassy in Jerusalem with a bloodbath, by massacring at least 58 Palestinian demonstrators, amongst them 14 year-old Ezz el-din Musa Mohamed Alsamaa. This brings the total number killed by the IDF since the protests began to over one hundred. Thousands have been injured, with Al Jazeera's Stefanie Dekker reporting that hospitals in the Gaza Strip have now reached "breaking point".

Tens of thousands defied leaflets dropped by Israeli planes warning them that they risked their lives if they demonstrated near the border fence. May 15 is Nakba Day, when the mobilisations were planned to reach a peak. It commemorates the 70th anniversary of the expulsion of as many as 900,000 Palestinians who were driven from their own land. 70 per cent of the inhabitants of Gaza are descended from those expelled, some can even see the lands and villages from which they were driven. Now they are penned into what is effectively a gigantic prison camp, dependent for food, water and electricity on the “benevolence” of the Israeli government.

Meanwhile, Israeli politicians and Trump's daughter, Ivanka, and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, were celebrating with the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in Jerusalem. “What a glorious day for Israel”, he exulted. “Remember this moment! This is history! …We are in Jerusalem and we are here to stay. We are here in Jerusalem protected by the great soldiers of the army of Israel and our brave soldiers are protecting the border of Israel as we speak today.”

As he spoke, outside the Embassy, dozens of unarmed Palestinians were being beaten and arrested by Israeli security forces, to cheers from Israeli demonstrators.

Whilst drowning the Palestinian democratic protests in blood, the Zionist state celebrates itself and its “democracy”. However, it also exposes once again its true, racist, chauvinist character. Whilst it portrays the Palestinians, and Muslims in general, as terrorists, it massacres civilians by letting the strongest army in the Middle East off the leash.

Using sniper rifles against slingshots is not bravery, it is the action of cowardly war criminals. But these are war crimes with a system. Firstly, they aim to force the Palestinians into total surrender. Secondly, they are preparing the ground for more atrocities to come, a remorseless expulsion of the Palestinians, the expansion of settlements on the West Bank and Jerusalem and, in all probability, military attacks against Hezbollah and Iran. Israel is determined that no other state in the region shall be able to defend itself against its might, let alone take any reprisals for its crimes.

Thirdly, it is aimed at emphasising its total impunity, at making international public opinion meekly accept the Zionist massacres as acts of “self defence”, to keep silent on Israeli war crimes and thus prepare the attacks that are still to come. Fourthly, it is also designed to rally the most right wing and reactionary sectors of the Israeli population behind an ultra-right government.

The Israeli government can be sure of virtually unconditional backing from the biggest imperialist power in the world. The US has already blocked a mild resolution of the UN Security Council, which only called for an inquiry into the massacres, not even a condemnation!

Trump’s spokesperson has refused to condemn the killings, refused to call on the Israelis to stop and even had the impudence to blame Hamas for the deaths. Such brazen collusion with the murderous Zionist regime tells us all we need to know about Trump. He is a threat to everything progressive at home and a force of worldwide reaction, plotting a new war with Israel and Saudi Arabia against Iran.

Russia, China and their allies may condemn the attacks, but this will only be a diplomatic and hypocritical gesture. After their own atrocities in Syria, neither Russia nor Iran have any moral capital in any case. They are not a “camp of resistance” to imperialism but just a rival camp. The major European imperialist powers will no doubt express their “concerns”. Macron, it is true, has condemned the Israeli actions but with no follow up this is nothing more than another empty gesture.

The EU foreign ministry and Germany did not even have the courage for that and called for “restraint” – on both (!) sides. They whitewash the Israeli attack by blaming both the killers and the killed for the slaughter. The right wing and antisemitic Hungarian government openly supports the killers, sending a delegation to celebrate the opening of the US-embassy in Jerusalem. Whilst Muslims, Arabs, refugees and immigrants are scapegoated as the source of rising antisemitism in Europe, the Zionist state issues invitations to real, hard-core antisemites from the Hungarian government, united as they are by their anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian racism.

The Palestinian masses, the workers, the peasants, the poor worldwide, cannot depend on, and should not wait for, any support from the United Nations, this self-proclaimed voice of the “international community”, or for the benevolence of the imperialist powers. Hamas and even Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the Palestinian state, have called for “days of rage” to follow the massacre. A general strike has been declared in the West Bank. A new Intifada is in the air, it will surely mobilise hundreds of thousands.

The supporters of the Palestinian cause must not be silenced by the false accusations of antisemitism. Anti-Zionism is not antisemitism. We openly say that Israel has no right to exist as a racist state that oppresses and displaces the country’s indigenous people, just as Apartheid South Africa had no right to continue as it was. The so-called “two state” solution has been proved time and time again to be a fraud. It has no future. Instead, we need to fight for one, democratic, secular state in Palestine, where all can live in equality, irrespective of nationality or religious belief.

Such a state can only be achieved by a revolution, by breaking up the racist state apparatus. It can only be achieved by combining the struggle for democratic rights with uprooting the social, capitalist foundations of the Zionist state, by expropriating the capitalist class and the large landowners and the creation of a workers' state in Palestine. It can only be achieved as part of a regionwide, popular and proletarian revolution like that which broke out in 2011 but which was soon tragically deformed and crushed by the whole spectrum of reaction; military dictatorships, Islamists, Zionists and both Russian and US imperialism.  

In order to win, the heroic Palestinian liberation struggle needs the support of millions and millions worldwide.

Within the working class movement, the right wing and chauvinist leaders of the unions, the social-democratic or “left” parties who remain silent on the question, or even support the Israeli state, must be exposed for what they are; supporters of a racist regime and a barbaric war against the Palestinian people. All working class organisations need to break the collusion of “their governments” with the Zionist state apparatus.

We call on the labour movement and all anti-imperialist, anti-racist and democratic forces to condemn Israel's massacre and to demand an end to assistance and aid to the Zionist state's apparatus of repression. We call for an end to the scapegoating of Palestinians, Muslim and Arab immigrants. We demand an end to the banning, state surveillance and persecution of all Palestinian organisations, and solidarity campaigns like BDS, and full democratic rights for all refugees and immigrants.

Around the world, protests, pickets and demonstrations in solidarity with Palestinian people and resistance have been called – join them!