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“We are all Araksya” - Report from the school strike against deportations of young migrants

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People have taken to the streets in demonstration in Vienna, Austria, against the deportation of a 14 year old student

The Austrian daily newspapers Österreich (Austria) and Heute (Today) announced on 19.10. that public resentment against the deportation of children by the interior minister Maria Fekter had grown to the point where she had been forced to suspend the deportations.

On the same day 2,000 school students showed just how strong this resentment had become. In a strike with participants from over 20 schools we went onto the streets, demanding not merely the postponement of this deportation, but an end to all the deportations.

The demonstration, organized by the youth organisation REVOLUTION and some other left-wing organizations and the BORG 3 school, where last Wednesday Araksya M a 14-year old student, should have been deported. Police had actually come to the school to size and deport her. Her schoolmates and pupils from many other schools made loud and clear the message that deportations, which are in practice racist, are not in our interest and that we will not put up with them!

To imprison and deport people against their will, merely because they are born in another country, or because their parents have the "wrong" nationality is of no benefit to us. On the contrary: it divides us and our struggle!

Why should migrants be “allowed” to come to Austria only as long as they are highly qualified (which for the vast majority in many countries is not financially possible), and then, when they are no longer needed, send them back again? Why should we support the incitement of “Austrian” workers against immigrants who are actually paid far worse than they are?

We want a different world, a world where exploitation, oppression and violence, are things of the past - and to achive this, we must fight together! Don’t let them divide us!

"No one is illegal - Equal rights for everyone, everywhere!"

The report is an edited version from the website of REVOLUTION in Austria

You can see photos from the school strike on the website of the League for Socialist Revolution (LSR, Austrian section of the LFI) which is collaborating closely with REVOLUTION