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Trade Unions

Ireland's water charges revolt

Rank and File movements: the great debate

There is renewed debate about rank and file trade unionism among sections of the far left at the moment. Read more...

François Hollande attacks the working class - French left in disarray

The French President, François Hollande, is trying to become the Tony Blair or Gerhardt Schröder of a country that has always tended to reject attempts to impose the neoliberal “reform” policies for Read more...

Brazil: University strike in Sao Paulo, Defend the Public University!

10 July strike: one day is not enough

More than one million workers across England, Wales and Northern Ireland struck on Thursday 10 July against the government freeze on pay and the 20% decline in real wages since the Tory-LibDem coaliti Read more...

Fight for 15!

Pakistan: Courageous sit ins by young nurses win regularisation

In March, nurses employed on a day to day, “ad hoc” basis, held protests at the sacking of 2,800 nurses, demanding their reinstatement, an end to insecure employment and for permanent jobs. Read more...