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China: Stalinists draw near their capitalist goal

The last five years have seen a major change of gear in the Stalinists‘ drive towards capitalism, argues Peter Main Read more...

China: “socialism” with capitalist characteristics

On present trends China could be the biggest economy in the world by the year 2010. But will it be capitalist? Peter Main explores the contradictory dynamic of the present phase of economic development. Read more...

China: revolution and repression

Passed at the MRCI delegate conference, June 1989

China has just passed through a profound political revolutionary crisis. It was a crisis which objectively posed the possibility of the revolutionary overthrow of the ruling bureaucracy. Faced with mass opposition in the cities the bureaucratic regime was paralysed. Industry ground to a halt. The bureaucracy’s control of its armed forces was shaken. In that crisis decisive action by the working class could have overthrown the regime. The potential for political revolution could have been turned into the reality of proletarian political revolution itself. Read more...