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Israeli elections: a choice of Zionist reaction

Zionism does not speak with one voice, rest on a common social base or pursue a single set of political objectives. As dramatic events like the assassination of prime minister Yitzak Rabin by a far-right Israeli in 1996 showed, Zionism can be at war with itself while murdering Palestinians. Read more...

Palestine: casualties of the propaganda war

On 30 September twelve-year-old Muhammad al-Durrah was cut down in a hail of bullets as he tried to shelter behind his father at a road junction in the Gaza strip. He has been with his father looking at a car they wished to buy. It was all captured live on TV; the haunting images are posted on many websites. Read more...

Theses on Zionism, Israel, Palestine and Arab nationalism

Passed at the MRCI delegate conference, September 1988

Jews: race, nation or “people-class”?

1. The Jews are clearly not a race. The original Hebrew people and language belonged to the Semitic family but two and a half millenia of residence amongst non-Semitic peoples, widespread proselytism to Judaism in earlier periods and intermarriage has made these communities like most other peoples a “racial mixture”. Read more...