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Communists and the Labour Party: Expelling the Left Wing – The lessons of the 1920s

In a period when the leadership of the Labour Party is once again setting out on its well trodden course of “cleansing” the Labour Party of “Marxists and Trotskyists”  it is highly appropriate to look at the very first witch-hunt in the Party’s history. During the 1920’s the right wing set out to drive the Communists from the Party. Read more...

Communism vs Municpalism: The struggle in Poplar 1919-21

Some sixty years after the word 'Poplarism" was first coined, the struggle between local Labour councils and Tory central government has lost none of its importance. While, after the humiliating retreats of Lambeth, Lothian and the Greater London Council it becomes more and more difficult for "left" councillors to invoke the militant heritage of the Poplar council, it is more important than ever to recognise the strengths and weaknesses of that movement. Read more...

Part one of a History of the Labour Party: The road to Labour Representation

Part one of a History of the Labour Party : The road to Labour Representation

The History of the original Labour Representation Committee, by Jon Lewis Read more...