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Eleanor Marx: fighting for working women and trade union rights

Eleanor Marx: A Life
Rachel Holmes, Bloomsbury, 2014
ISBN 9780747583844
£21.99

Review: the Silvertown general strike

The lost story of a strike that shook London and helped launch the modern labour movement

John Tully, Monthly Review Press/Lawrence & Wishart, 2014
ISBN 9781907103995
£15.00

Rank and File movements: the great debate

There is renewed debate about rank and file trade unionism among sections of the far left at the moment. Read more...

Scottish referendum shocks the establishment

The result of the referendum on independence in Scotland, 45 percent voting Yes for independence, 55 percent voting No, showed a clear majority against independence. Read more...

Scottish referendum: shock upset as polls show independence is possible

The Scots have an inalienable democratic right to separate from the UK if they wish. Read more...

The Left falls for Scottish Nationalism

Andy Yorke reviews four left books on Scottish independence:

The Case for an Independent Socialist Scotland, Colin Fox, SSP Read more...

10 July strike: one day is not enough

More than one million workers across England, Wales and Northern Ireland struck on Thursday 10 July against the government freeze on pay and the 20% decline in real wages since the Tory-LibDem coaliti Read more...